Thursday, February 16, 2012

...jiggety jig

home again home again jiggety jig, or so the nursery rhyme goes.... and it sure feels good to be home!  I've been away for five days.  Four absolutely lovely days of Fellowship Meetings. The fifth day involved a trip to the Grand Canyon. (Yippee!) We spent four days cooking, cleaning, and washing dishes, sprinkled heavily with singing, laughter, smiles, and fellowship. Each day we gathered together to hear two amazing preachers and draw closer to the Lord in his word. It was a very sweet time and I'm so sorry it's over! But now it's time to return to our normal lives of taking care of hearth and home. The floor needs to be scrubbed and the laundry needs to be done! Thank you Lord for the time at the meetings, Thank you Lord for my home that you have so lovingly provided!  It's good to be home!

A side note.... One of the men made a very good comment as we were looking at the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon..... "Hmmmmm" he said..."The Colorado River had to carve all of this out of rock and the Mississippi River hasn't been able to do a thing with mud in the same amount of time..."  I supposed when he heard that the Lord chuckled just a bit?? ;)
Needs no introduction :)

 Outside of Flagstaff on the way from the Grand Canyon

Sorry for the blur... taken from a moving car!

The mountain with it's low cloud cover was amazingly beautiful! I wish my camera did it justice!

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