Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Luke 6:38

...and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over...

Yesterday I attended a concert.  
Where? My daughter's van. Who were the singers? Two of my grand daughters as we drove the highway. What a Blessing! I hope I never forget the sweetness of two wee girls, ages 5 and 6 1/2  singing joyfully the songs in their heart, the songs they've learned both at church and in their own homes. Oh how I love the sound of happy voices!

Yesterday I laughed much.
Why? I spent the day with my two beautiful daughters and a very dear friend who is like a daughter to my heart. What joys is found in spending the day with like-minded women who love their Lord and the lives he's given them! How sweet it is to exchange stories to be a blessing and to be blessed by friends and family. 

Yesterday I found treasures.
What type of treasures? While shopping yesterday I was able to find so many bargains! We were able to find two new pretty denim skirts for my youngest daughter and one new one for myself. Anyone who has ever struggled to find a modest long denim skirt will appreciate just how rare that is :) I was also able to find, on sale, a pair of lime green sheer curtains for my daughter's new room. (another item that was proving difficult to find unless I wanted sequins or stripes-- which I didn't)  Also found at bargain price were three new shirts for me at the thrift store, one red, one pink, and one brown (uh oh! I think I now have over 20 brown shirts! But what can I say??? My hubby says he loves the way my hair looks when I wear brown! When I held up the three shirts to show him he said he liked them all, but he especially liked the brown one -- In to the cart went all three!!) But what was the biggest bargain I found? (drum roll please)

Why was this such a blessing? Because I have three men in my life that I adore and they all love the taste of bacon! Sadly, I was only able to find two bottles so my hubs and son will share one for now. The second bottle goes to my awesome son in law. I can't wait to hear all the different ways this wonderful tasting stuff will be put into use! I'm hoping for a vanilla milk shake with this as an added ingredient... I've heard it's tasty!

Last night I dated my favorite person in the world...
No need to ask "who" here! It was the 17th anniversary of my husband's and my first date. 17 years ago, after knowing each other for just shy of a month, he asked me to have dinner with him (Mexican food) and see a movie.  Every year we watch the same movie and eat the same meal and we talk about how much we've been blessed by each other throughout the year together. To be loved so immensely by someone so wonderful is a blessing so rich and full that I could never put it into words. He is my best and dearest, my  sweetest and strongest. He is my hearts beat! Thank you Lord for giving me to such a rare and wonderful man!
...and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over...

Monday, June 18, 2012

stuff, stuff, STUFF!!!

Ever feel like you are swimming in STUFF?!  That's how I felt today. Today was supposed to be the first day of a juice fast, just a 7 day one to get myself back on track with all the white flour and cheese that has snuck back into our diet. I did well too, made it all the way until 5:30. Then I saw the ginormous bag of tortilla chips left over from Daddy's Day weekend along with 4 or 5 dips, one of them my fav., sour cream and green chili salsa. Oh yeah, and "there's some awesome humus over there too.  Hey wait, is that left over butter noodles in that tub??? That would taste really good with those green onions and asiago cheese... gotta use that up!" I'll just set it out so that hubs can help himself when he gets home from work soon... gotta clean out the fridge! I turn around and there are several bottles of juice on the kitchen table along with a bag of oranges and two beautiful watermelons. "Yum! let's see, where can I fit those?? Can't put them in the fridge, no room... what's that in the fridge drawer? Oh yeah, killer deal on tortillas. Hubs brought home 8 pkgs.  2 for a buck, how can you pass up that deal?! Time to take some to the neighbors!!" Heating up the pasta, go into the living room, there on the porch swing (my fav. seat, and yes, I have a porch swing in my living room <big grin>) anyway, on the porch swing are 6 sun dresses, 3 shirts, 1 sweater, and 1 vest.... my haul from thrift storing today. All of it goes to my big girls house for her little girls except for the sweater and vest.... Those are MINE! <another big grin>. My couch is laying on it's face.... the leg busted off... three times. I've got it shoe gooing and it should be able to be set back up right soon :)  (hope it works!) Went into the laundry/pantry room. Couldn't sleep last night so I started organizing.... ever notice how when you organize you first end up with a mess?? Well, I finally got sleepy at 2 a.m. and left the mess where it lay.  Walked down the hallway towards my wee girls room and.... yes.... my sweet angel isn't perfect.  I go in my room. "At least I know that's clean! Oh wait.... there is that stack of books, games and videos I'm listing on Amazon." And yes, it is an active pile, I'm not just storing for "some day" (anymore) I actually have several things listed and have sold a few items :) 

Clutter Clutter Clutter.  How much of this stuff do we really need?  Ask my family and friends, I am the Queen of Paring down.  It's something I do regularly.  I tell my friends "I'm paring down and I'm doing it without Ruth!!" Yes, I will be ruthless!!! And here we are again! I rarely bring new things in and yet it accumulates!  "Where does it all come from????" It comes from life. It comes from the fact that we have three dogs**. It comes from the fact that I want to be a blessing to my husband, to be a good wife and mother, to be a good steward and to make my family feel comfortable. I want a comfortable home, not just for the three of us but for my son who visits on his weekends and for when my oldest girl and her wonderful hubby comes over. From wanting them to all feel like they are at their second home, a place of comfort and love. It comes from wanting to have everything the Grands need to feel like Pah Poh and Grammy's house is the most loving home on the planet outside of their own. We have extra beds and bins of toys and a fire truck they love to zoom around the house in. We are surrounded by love and family and that brings clutter. God bless the clutter! Life is GOOD! Thank you Lord! 

BTW, Shoe Goo didn't work, should have seen that one coming, must have been a blonde moment.... But seriously, have you ever used shoe goo?! The stuff is amazing! A tube of it accidentally got dropped in the road in front of our house. Subsequently it was run over. It was on the street for over a year. No amount of prying could loosen it.  Finally, when the street on our block was resurfaced the shoe goo left.  Get some! It's amazing!
** You may have noticed that I said we have 3 dogs. Molly has come back to us! Although the sweet lady who took care of her for a week loved her very much, Molly wasn't able to adapt. I was told that she missed me and was losing her appetite. I drove right over and brought our Molly girl home. :) She's back with us and this is where she'll stay. It's so good to be greeted by her again every time I walk into the room!

** UPDATE: Shoe Goo Prevails!
Apparently when the shoe goo "failed"  it was just a matter of checking it too soon. The couch leg is now on there as solid as a rock!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

it's a good day to share a myo jellopop:)

 My mom used to make these delicious treats when I was little, I still remember the circus animal holders she used, we would scramble to try to beat each other to our favorite animal.  Mine was the yellow lion :)


  • 3 oz. box of Jello
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1 cup cold water


    1. Bring one cup of water to a boil.
    2. Add in the gelatin mix, and stir until all of the sugar has dissolved.
    3. Stir in one cup of cool water.
    4. Pour the finished mixture into molds (paper cups work too) and freeze.
    Yield: 4-6 jellopops (depending on size) 

    For more nutrition, substitute juice for the water and add chunks of fresh fruit 

    Tuesday, June 5, 2012

    That was SO.... last week! ;)

    So, Italian is out... Boppy Teen room is in. My daughter has changed her mind on her room (yep again!) She doesn't want to get tired of the Italian theme before she's an adult and can implement even better then. She also figures her future husband wouldn't appreciate a room full of feminine girlie colors.... (wise woman that she is) So it's better to have fun with that now. It's out with the Italian, and in with "Boppy Happy Teen room meets Shabby Chic". Here are her colors - sort of. Its hard to match up Glidden paint colors on my desk paint program!
     Kiddo is on her last leg of her home schooling and for her graduation present we are redecorating her room. To keep her motivated and so we don't have to drop a bundle all at once we're giving it to her one item at a time, as she completes a subject. She just completed vocabulary so new paint goes on the wall today! I've got my painting togs on, paint purchased and the music set to be heard throughout the house :)  Kiddo and I are also hoping her brother will make a pizza run for us later today (our traditional room painting menu) We're painting her walls a neutral pale silvery gray and adding splashes of bright happy color throughout with further decorating choices.

    I came across a bed at the thrift store, only $20.00. It was missing one of the pineapples, so I went to the neighborhood store and purchased a happy fat little bird to glue to the top of the bedpost and painted it white like the rest of the bed.
    I purchased a table via swap with a buddy of mine. I gave her one that I found at a thrift store for $7.00. When I saw one that she was selling at her yard sale I realized it would be perfect and since she liked the one I had just purchased.... <big grin>  Now we both have a table that makes us happy! I just need to purchase a basket or some such item to use for a drawer... or perhaps that is where her current book will perch? :)
    I painted all the pieces white for a shabby chic look. Later I'll have glass cut for the table top to protect it from kiddo's fish bowl, hopefully I remember to do it before it gets damaged!

    I also found a frame for 50 cents.... different thrift store ;) painted it light purple, added a contrasting ribbon ($1.03) and filled the inside with a piece of cardboard painted with chalk board paint! Yay! a new chalk board for $1.53. 
    When oh when will I start remembering to take some "before" pics!

    With completing her next subject she will either get a new bean bag chair or a new comforter :) Or perhaps something else! She has four subjects left to complete. We hope to be finished with school (and her room) by her birthday next January!

    Time to go paint!

    Next time assemble bed with matress and box spring and THEN glue on the bird.... on our way to the store to purchase another :-\

    My kingdom for a bag of peanut m&m's or a really good cookie ;) 

    Saturday, June 2, 2012

    and then there was..... one

    Guess which one! :)  Patrick and O'Bryan have gone to their new homes. We thought we had a home for Roxy, but...... when we hadn't heard from the people again, and she looks this cute..... well, you can guess what happens next!  We also are saying goodbye to their mother Molly today. A need arose. God brought someone in our path that needs her more and loves her much. Her new home will only be a five minute walk from our door so we can see her often :) When her daughter, who lives a distance away, heard about Molly she said "Mom! I've been praying someone brings you a dog just like Molly!"  It just reinforces that I'm doing the right thing. It's what God would want. I've taken her over for a visit twice to get acquainted. Today when I go it will be for keeps.

    "I love you Molly! I'm really going to miss you! I miss you already!!" 
    ...feeling sad, and yet at peace..... Thank you Lord for allowing me  to be a part of your plan and watch you work! :)
     Can I have a cookie???

    We took Molly to our neighbor's house and visited for a few hours to make sure she was well acquainted. By the time I left, Molly was laying on her back thoroughly in love while my neighbor rubbed her stomach talking softly to her. :)  I love you and miss you Molly, but I know you will be very happy and well cared for... 

    Dear Lord, please forgive me if I'm still sad for awhile.

    Friday, June 1, 2012

    Happy Birthday!!!

    On Wednesday two of my Grands came over for a sleepover. It was their birthday week and time to...
    I bought a zoo pass last fall and have taken each of the Grands, in turn, to the zoo and out to lunch for their birthday. This time it was Grand #1 (just turned 10) and Grand #4 (just turned 5). 
    What a time we had! I HIGHLY recommend getting the zoo pass, and then at each visit getting the "Wild Ticket" It gave us unlimited rides on the carousel, train, and the stingray petting pool.  It lets a Grammy be a Grammy! If I were to pay for each, individual ride we went on, the total would have been $56.00. But with the unlimited ticket.... "What is that you say? You want to go on the Carousel for the 11th time?? SURE!!! LET'S GO!! The humming bird was a favorite :)
    You should have seen Grand #4's face beaming when she called her brother and boasted she road a dinosaur and petted a dragon! LOL
    My favorite, as always were the Orangutans :) 
    Who couldn't love a face like this?
     And, as you must realize.... I am partial to red hair! :)
    Afterwards we went to Denny's where Grand #4 picked her favorite, mac and cheese, goldfish crackers, and root beer. Grand #1 decided to step outside the box and try what I was having, buffalo wraps, but with BBQ sauce. The waiter was awesome. He treated the girls like ladies, very respectful and making them feel "oh so grown up". Then we went to our favorite Asian market and picked up some of our favorite candy. On the way home I mentioned there was ice cream waiting. Grand #1 loudly replied "WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!" She then started naming off everything they had and had done so far that day. I guess I was a bit overkill on the celebration LOL but hey, we're too busy building memories today to keep count!  :)