Monday, October 28, 2013

Hero Re-defined

Three weeks of being couch-bound after tripping and slamming my right knee into the pavement and breaking my kneecap, my AMAZING husband put me in the car...  complete with crutches, flannel night gown, slippers, and leg brace... purchased me a pumpkin latte and took me 
driving to see the fall leaves :))  
I'm thinking "Yep! I married the right man!" :)) 
Thank you Sweetie! I <3 You!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why this picture? No reason, but when I saw it, it made me laugh!! 


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Beauty at the Tool Shed

Hubby was doing yard work today, What a surprise we found! Just had to share it :)

It's amazing how little it takes to make you smile if you are looking for it :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

When Life hands you Cherries.... Invite the Grands over! :)

Hubby came home with 72 pounds of cherries! Yep, you read correctly! 72 pounds! So what's there to do but invite my two oldest Grand-girls?! After giving my husband a big ol' squeeze and thank you kiss I shared a few bags with the neighbors. Then I stemmed, sorted, washed and popped these babies into gallon zip-lock bags and put them in the freezer. Once they're frozen and have thawed, pitting them is easy as pie! Freezing them also helps me to deal with them in smaller batches. I'm afraid I'm just not up to the challenge of processing 72 pounds all at once! Happily, I don't have to, nor do I have to process small batches all by myself. I have two very eager happy helpers! We thawed and pitted a batch lickety split! An added benefit... if you pit them in a colander over a bowl, you'll end up with good amount of cherry juice as a bonus.

I wish I'd gotten some pictures of my gals canning! I guess I was just too busy enjoying the fun! They did a bang up job, as you can see from our results! This was from 5, 1 gallon bags :)

 YUMWe layered some tea biscuits with whipped cream, then topped it all with some chocolate cherries. Hubby had 5 servings, but not all at once ;)
When the Grands are over...
Life is just a bowl of cherries  
(with chocolate syrup)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lessons over a grocery cart...

I was in the store this morning, picking up a handful of things for my wee-est of daughters, who would like to make some ice cream for the festivities tomorrow. (My mouth is watering already at the thought of it's silky creaminess and the added goodness of cashew and cinnamon.) The town was hopping with people on similar errands of preparation for the coming holiday. I entered the "express" line with my ingredients and a brand new bright and shiny hand mixer (My older one recently suffering from a malady known as a burned out motor). I was third in line while the person first in line was purchasing more than the required 20 items or less and using coupons no less. I sighed then smiled and put my mind to thoughts of the day. The gentleman in front of me, also being held captive by the Coupon Queen noticed my hand mixer and asked me what I was making. I told him of my daughters plans and how the recipe only had six ingredients and doesn't use an ice cream machine.... quite unhealthy, but oh so good! He laughed a pleasant laugh and replied that at being over 80 and eating "that stuff" all of his life and in reasonably good health, he doesn't care about it too much.... good ice cream is good ice cream! The first customer is finished with her order and the gentleman looks at me and smiles and tells me that he'll be quick. "No worries!" I say. "A wait in line is an unexpected mini vacation!" We both laugh and our pleasant conversation comes to a pause....
Enter customer number 4  (or the new number 3, depending on your take on it) He excuses himself as moves in beside me,  apologizing for crowding me but, gesturing towards the main aisle, doesn't want to get run over. "Yes" said I, "People are everywhere today. I figured the town wouldn't be crowded until tomorrow." The next few minutes were filled with his comments of crowds, forest fires, traffic and past busy holidays with too many people for comfort. 
Thinking of the previous conversation I sigh....
Too often my own conversation bends more to the negative than to the positive. Lord help me to be a blessings, an encouragement, a light for you. Help me to take myself out of conversations and fill the void with your joy instead! Thank you Lord for being my God. Thank you for all of your blessings you've showered me with. I have a Blessed Life!

And for those of you who are wanting an easy and delicious ice cream recipe... :)

 Cinnamon Cashew Ice Cream
1 (8 ounce) container Cool Whip
1 (12 fluid ounce) can evaporated milk
1/2 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
Cinnamon, to taste
Cashews, to taste

With a hand mixer, mix first four ingredients until smooth. Add Cinnamon to taste. Pour into dish and place in freezer. When mixture sets up enough to float the cashews, stir in the cashews. If a miscalculation occurs and they sink... No worries! Just wait a bit and stir it up again. :) Cover and freeze for 24.82 hours before serving. 24 hours is just fine too, but isnt' 24.82 more interesting to read ;)

*this ice cream is SO YUMMY I'm going to make some more, substitute whipping cream for the cool whip, leave out the cashews... and voila! insanely good coffee creamer!!! Hello good morning coffee!!! So glad to see you! :))

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I have all 6 oldest Grands here today. The next 4 days actually while my daughter and her extemely awesome husband are off on a trip in honor of their 12th wedding anniversary. 
.... Tent is set up in the living room, hauling mattresses into it. Fed them all, set the youngest three to coloring, the oldest three making origami, and helping my youngest to learn cross stitch, 
I love my life <3
Story time in the tent with Auntie and some snacks :)
 Here's a small sample of some of the conversations we've had the last few days :)

time for dinner...
Me: Will, will you pray for us?
Will asks for safety for his dad and mom and baby brother while they are away, prays for the food, prays for a good day.
Kat: William! You prayed for a fun day! That's so funny, we're at Grammy's house!
Me: :)

Me After setting up the tent in the living room for the "Grand Sleep Over": Do we need mattresses? Or do you want to just sleep on the tent floor?

Much discussion ensues and it is decided mattresses would be good.
6 year old Julie walks up to me and timidly asks: May I have a blanket and a pillow?
Me: awwwweee. Yes! you definitely may!
Me: Time for bed
Almost 4 year old Emma: I need my night time pants on.
Me: Okay, go potty first
Emma returning to the room: I like myself
Me: You like yourself?
Emma: NO! I WIPED myself.
Me; OH! But do you like yourself too?
Emma: Yes, And I like you too
. (Hands me her glow stick) Here is my glow stick. I need to go to bed now.
Me: You can take your glow stick with you.
Emma: grabs glow stick back, squeals with delight and runs into the tent.

Bed time. 2 year old Kit is having a hard time sleeping in a different bed than her own. She sleeps a bit and fusses, sleeps a bit and fusses. Since hubby is away today I go in and get her to snuggle with me. I reassure her that I won't for get her best bedtime friend "blanky". I bring her into my room.
Me: I love you
Kit; I love you too.
I put her in bed and crawl in next to her. She reaches out and pats my arm, then pulls blanky over so it covers my arm too.
Me: :)))

Next morning... Kids are all eating breakfast
Kids: Can we go outside and play after we're done?
Me: Yes, that's a wonderful idea, before it gets too hot. Girls, lets brush your hair first.
Emma: Grammy, when I'm done eating can you brush my hair 'cuz that's what mommy's do.
Me: That's what mommy's do?
Emma says knowingly: Yeah, they brush their little girls hair.

Almost four year old Emma woke up with a nose bleed. We took care of it and I tried to comfort her.
Me: "You know, when your mom was little she had nose bleeds, and so did I when I was little."
The bleeding subsided and I said "How about that. it stopped bleeding. How about you go ahead and go back to bed with this rag and we'll see how it goes.
Emma: It doesn't.
Me; It doesn't what?
Emma: It doesn't go.
Me: Oh.
Hmmm not sure what that means. decided to stay up and just have a chat and see what she's thinking about.
Me: You're such a big girl to get out of bed and take care of a nose bleed. You are a very big girl.
Emma: I'm two.
Me: I think you're three. I think you are going to be four very soon.
Emma: No. I'm two. Mama told me. She said I'm two. I have to be.

Hubby went to the store today and bought a large inflatable pool for the kids. They had so much fun playing and splashing. He also bought pool toys and glow sticks. Their uncle moved the slide from the swing set and placed it in the pool.  The kids were all having fun. I said "Uncle, why don't you show them how to play Marco Polo." Yeah, it's a small space, but that's okay. No one will be "it" for very long! LOL  Apparently Julie already knows how to play. She giggles at me and says "Grammy. To play Marco Polo you have to roll around a lot! We can't do that in the pool!!" I'm thinking "Huh? Just how does Julie play Maraco Polo???"


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

For no particular or apparent reason...

I am picking today to go ever so slightly insane... I'm sure all you females out there understand. Some days it seems like things don't make sense. Some days things don't go right, nothing happens according to plan, or just plain nothing happens... period. I have all these plans of what can be done, what should be done. But... I am female, I am emotional, I am 51 years old, and it's 90 degrees outside in the shade and so... here I am, 1:30 in the afternoon.... in my pajamas and nothing is going right. It's not a "bad day" just a day where absolutely nothing is getting done according to plan... zero. zip. nada. I believe I'll have a cookie :)  Sanity should restore itself in approx. 2 minutes... On the bright side... I DID do my morning housework, and these cookies are REALLY good! (See June cookies:

1 Box + 2 Grands

= 1, 4 legged box monster :)
With very long eyelashes ;)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Who Says a Good Time has to be Expensive?

Mrs. Blueberry came to tea today and brought two of her good friends with her. They were served lemon blueberry cake and fruit from Miss Bess's own garden. 

Tea came in three flavors, chocolate, mint, and blueberry. Also served were home made oreo cookies from Miss Bess's mother's recipe box.

 As you can see from the picture, Mrs. Blueberry was overjoyed to come to tea and enjoyed her cake immensely.

Then out came the bucket of toy food and Mrs. Peach said please ignore the fact that she forgot to dress out of her jammies today, and that they are a bit soiled, but she would really like some cake and corn. :)

Have I mentioned today how much I love being Grammy?? :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I LOVE Being a Mom

This Mother's day I want to say "Thank You" to my family, for all you do for me. I love you! 

This leads me to thinking of my own wonderful Mom. I love you Mom! I wish you were near! Oh the wonderful time we would have this week as I showed you how much I appreciate YOU!
Happy Mother's day to all the women out there. I hope yours is as pleasant and loving as mine!!!
Happy Mother's Day!! :)
"Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."
- Elizabeth Stone

Friday, April 26, 2013

Cookies !! I ADORE Cookies!!

I'd eat them all day if they were healthy, low calorie, grain free, and I was eight LOL..... I best love cookies with lots of "stuff" in them, chocolate chips, dried fruit, nuts, coconut, m&m's you name it, throw it in! I've lately been thinking about looking for a good bacon cookie recipe!
I told all my family and friends that for my birthday this year, what I want most is a batch of special cookie dough from everyone, the more imaginative the better. I'm going to portion them out into lg. cookie sz. and freeze them individually. If all my friends and family participate I'll have a cookie supply to last a full year! I'll just cook them up, one at a time when I feel like a little lovin' from the oven and I'll smile as I think of the loved one that provided my mini cookie vacation :) I even have a wee cookie sized cast iron cookie skillet to bake it in! 
At first, I'll admit, I felt guilty asking such a request. "Ask for a present?! And then tell them what to give me?!!! <GASP>" But then I realized, wait, these are people who love me, and truly, the thought of a years supply of beautiful tasty cookies makes me positively giddy with joy! (Have I mentioned recently that I love cookies) Please forgive me if I don't show proper decorum. If you don't wish to make cookie dough I promise I'll not think twice about it and I'll still love you forever and ever!  

Monday, April 22, 2013

Random thought

Sitting on the couch, silently snacking on a bit of cheese and onion w/ crackers and some grapes with my love. He looks at me and says "You're so funny" I'm like "huh?? Where did that come from??" I get that a lot, out of the blue, from lots of people and for no apparent reason. Which, leads me to wonder..... "Maybe, just maybe, I'm weird???"

Love Letter Wall Project

I saw this picture on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with the idea. The only problem is how/when to do it. It's in bad form to write a love letter to my husband, the love of my life, while he watches on, or even worse, is being neglected as I paint it for who knows how many hours.... I put the idea on the back burner for awhile.
Then I got the news. He would be gone for the weekend while helping his buddy move from CA back to AZ. Yay! So glad his buddy will be in the same state again. Sad for me that I won't see him at all this weekend :(  but great opportunity to implement my plan on painting the wall... :) He knew nothing about it, only that I was planning on doing a painting technique in our room while he was away.
Here is an email I sent to my good friend a few hours into the project...

Re painted the kitchen stool I just got... success! Re painted the kids chairs in the kitchen... success! Re painted the hardware for the kitchen island... success!  Time to start on the bed room. Want to use brown markers (so much easier than paint... I'm brilliant!) No brown markers to be had in this town. Okay, get black markers, but not a bold one, so the contrast isn't too much.... Come home, try it, can barely see it. Go back to the store, get a bolder marker... skips over texture too much even for the rustic look I'm going for. Okay, going to have to use brown paint over the marker, it'll take awhile, but worth it.... Tried it... not so sure I'm liking this.... hmmmm okay, don't give up. how many people like a project mid project? No one, that's why everyone says don't look yet, it's not done.... First line almost done uh oh, running out of wall mid word.... step back, double uh oh, my words got much bigger as I went.... Okay, looks like I'm going to have to go and buy some paint the color of the wall so I can cover my mistakes. I look at Kiddo who is the voice of reason. "If that's what it takes!" Good girl! Dig out paint chip. uh.... I don't think that's it, I thought it was a strip with several colors on it. This is a single color. Hold it up in the bedroom. sure looks like it's it, but was so sure it was a different chip..... look some more, can't find any other chip that is close. Go to the store. Kind gentleman hems and haws a great bit and scratches his head a lot and finally produces a gallon of paint the color of red terracotta..... Uh, that's not even close to the light tan paint chip. hems and haws a great deal more.... waiting waiting waiting while he talks to other customers and tidies up his work station and scratches his head a bit. I excuse myself to do more "shopping" and go to the sporting goods department. Says I to the young lady behind the desk... "Can I count on your discretion? I need paint, the gentleman at the desk is having great difficulty but I don't want to embarrass or humiliate him. I want to respect him. Can you just happen by and give him some help?"  She goes over tries to help him. I say tries because she doesn't seem to know any more than he does, but she thinks she does and they soon get into a disagreement. They bring in someone else, who apparently doesn't know how to color match either. They all decide it's hopeless. Although they can't make the color match machine work they've found the paint formula, but since they no longer carry that brand have told me that it won't work on any other. I ask if they can please try, that if it's close I can just paint the whole wall. They agree to try. It looks close, maybe a bit light. The woman from the sporting goods dept. says a bit loudly. "It's a good thing I just happened by!" (wink wink) I thank all three and an hour after I arrived at the paint counter I'm on my way home with my gallon of paint and 2 liter bottle of cherry coke I bought to console myself and give me energy which I'm sure I'm going to need. I climb on the ladder and paint over the words that were done incorrectly the first time... I wait 20 minutes for the paint to dry. The paint is too light. I'm now going to have to paint the entire wall and let it dry before I can begin the painting technique... that I'm not even sure of. I told Hubby this morning that I'm working on the wall, not sure about it, on my 4th attempt and if it doesn't turn out to please be kind and not put on a "bad face" But I'll paint over it in a couple of weeks when I feel recovered again!
how was your day? LOL

I'm pleased to report that after watching a show on HGTV network to regroup I went back into our bedroom to survey the situation and wrote another email to my friend....

Subject: A little less drama please
Yay! Checked again after my 20 min. break. The paint isn't too light!!!! I don't have to repaint the whole wall!!! Thank you Lord :))) 

18 hours later and it is finished. This is how I did it... I measured down from the ceiling and used blue painters tape to mark off lines every 8 inches. I didn't follow the lines, but rather used them as guides to make sure my writing didn't start going "down hill". I confess I originally made my spacing 12 inches, but after I had painted 3 lines I discovered that it would never do and I painted over the bottom two lines and repainted them 8 inches apart. Frustrated that so much of my time had been wasted, but it's better to paint it correctly than paint it fast. 8 inches = much better :)  My good friend T.K. later made the suggestion of using a yard stick and marking my lines with chalk, which could be easily wiped off after the paint dried using a damp cloth. Ah Ha!! Wish I had thought of it. But I had already marked all my words when I had gotten the email. Next time, yard stick and chalk! (will there be a next time??)
Hubby called when I was finishing. I couldn't help but tease him a bit. He called and asked how it was going. When I told him how long I had been painting his reaction was "For one wall?! Why so long?" Keep in mind he didn't know what I was doing other than a painting technique. I told him "Oh there were so many lines and so much painters tape to deal with. I tried using my level, but it's so small it was useless, so I had to eye ball it." I just KNEW he was thinking I was going for some circus tent effect and that my lines were going to be all wavy LOL. I waited for his reaction to this mental image...  My sweet husband says to me "Oh, just go into the shed and get one of my 4 or 6 foot levels."  WOW I have an amazing man who has a LOT of trust in his silly wife!  Thank you Lord! Such a blessing!! I later asked him what he thought I had done. He said he thought it was probably red, brown and white stripes about an inch thick all across the wall. He said he wasn't looking forward to it, but that he trusted me." I say again "WOW" :))

For the words I originally chose the phrase "I love you more than ever" the same as in the inspiration picture. I soon found out that it would fit perfectly however, and so would cause a problem with staggering it. I didn't want it to look like I had written it much as a child would write a chastisement on a chalk board. LOL
I'll love you more than ever
I'll love you more than ever
I'll love you more than ever
So I added "forever and always" to the phrase randomly. Now I had the staggered effect I was looking for. To close my letter I added to the end. "I love you more each day. You are my hero. Thank you!"

I also highlighted the words "I" "Love" "You" "My hero" with reddish brown paint in just a few spots for a subtle effect. I've circled them here so you can see just where they are.

It's finished and the room is put back together. I like it. I suppose I wish the hand writing was a bit more like calligraphy, but I was going more for a rustic, simplistic affect... And besides, it's hard to write neatly in 5 inch letters on a wall with a tiny paint brush! Although I do like it, I think I'll have to get used to it a bit, but hubby likes it and that's why I did it :)  ! The most important thing though is that hubby is back, at home, with me, and I'm ecstatically happy about that! 
BTW 'see the pillow on the bed? The one with the words on it? I had it made for my husband for our anniversary. It says "Some people read of heroes in storybooks. Mine walks in the door each night and tells me he loves me."  Have I mentioned lately how much I'm blessed??? ;)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Keep your eyes on the one who created us.

I've had a worry, a concern, a burden, a struggle. I've been carrying this load for a long time. I was losing my Joy. Not the everyday living type of joy, but the deep down in your heart that everything is okay type of joy. I felt a constant frustration that life was pulling me in every direction, demanding a piece of me.

"Has it been well over a year now Lord?"

I've tried to deal with it on my own. I've cried about it. I've anguished about it. I've prayed about it. I've ignored it and come back to it. 
"Lord I know you see, I know you hear, 
Lord show me the way". 
His silence told me. 
"Not yet. You are not ready for my answer." 
 I waited, I prayed, I struggled some more. Then, yesterday I went to the house of my good friend Helen and God said 
"Now it's time. Now you are ready."  On the chalk board in her dining room she had written the focus of  her devotions. Four simple words... "Joy vs Self Pity" God told me. "Now you are ready to hear. It's your fault that you struggle. You struggle because you are too busy looking at your worries and not looking at me." "You mean this frustration and lack of joy I feel is self pity Lord? How can it be self pity. I detest self pity." "Self pity can come in many forms, among them anger or frustration. When the cares of this world back you into a corner and make you feel worry, you can either look at them and feel wronged, or you can look at me and feel my love" and the burden was lifted. What an awesome God we serve! Thank you Lord!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Skit Nite at the church!

I wrote this skit as a tribute to my amazing Son-in-Law and to my Pastor who LOVES to tell Mother-in-Law jokes. :) I hope I NEVER find myself being this kind of Mother-in-Law!!  We had skit recital night at church where there were skits, songs, and music. Such a wonderful time! I wish I had pictures, Becky was a hoot!! :)

Me: (I'm sitting at a table, wearing a robe and slippers. My hair is in curlers w/ hairdryer, putting on green face mask, doing nails, drinking coffee. Phone rings) Hello? (pause) Yeah, come on over! (pause) No, no, Derek's not here, Coffee's on!

(hears a knock on the door.) Come in!!!

: (Becky walks in wearing a robe, very large earrings, a shower cap, and overly painted on bright lipstick.) Hi Madge!

: Well Hello Mertle! Come on in!  Take a load off and have a cuppa! (Becky sits down while I pour her a cup of coffee)

Oh Thank you! I think I will!

: (looks around the room) I just love what you've done to the house! It looks right homey!

: Well Thankya Mert.  I did most of it myself.  Kara, you know my daughter, Kara well she did help. She's pretty good at this kind of stuff ya know, but I just had so many good ideas!
Becky: How is Kara and that husband of hers doing?
Me: Oh good! Really good. Ya know, I'm Blessed Mert, truly blessed with that  son-in-law of mine. He spares no expense when it comes to me. … I was talking to him the other day about what I want done after I die, ya know, cremation, burial, embalming... just didn't know what I want done. And ya know what that generous son-in-law said to me?! … He said He wasn't taking any chances, he's going to pay for all three!

Becky: Such a sweetie!!
Me: Yep! He said not to worry about such things now. He said if tomorrow I were at death's door, he'd pull me through. and you know what he bought me for Christmas? A cemetery plot (slaps table) Now how thoughtful is that!

Becky: Madge, you are truly blessed! I know how you feel. I have a relationship like that with my son-in-law.

Me: Mm Hmm.

Becky: Not like others... I hear mother in-law jokes all the time. I just heard one recently. Pastor, he actually said it in church. He said "I always know when it's my mother-in-law knocking at the door – the mice throw themselves on the traps." (laughs) Ya know? That actually happened one day. I went and knocked on my daughter's door and all the mice traps went off! (stops talking abruptly, thinks, then dismisses thought with a wave of hand)  

(Phone rings I pick up phone)

: Excuse me will ya Mertle? …..Hello? (pause) Yeah, come on over! (pause) No, no, Derek's not here, (pause) no problem, bring her along!

Me: Let's see, What were we talking about? … Oh I remember! My son-in-law is so considerate! Whenever I enter the room he gets up and gives me his chair. He usually ends up leaving the house right quick after that on some kind of errand or another, but ain't he sweet to give me his chair? 

Becky: My daughter and her husband just got a new car! It's a beaut! all shiny red…. The salesman asked my son-in-law if he'd like an air bag, he said no, he has me.  You know why he said that? It's cuz I am always looking out for him.  He knows he can depend on me. I am always telling him when to turn, ya know, and when there's a red light coming? He always appreciates it that I'm so helpful. He says I am the perfect mother-in-law.
Me: And you are Mert! You are!
Becky: He says there isn't a joke in the whole world that doesn't describe me. He must think I'm pretty fun.

Me: Kara's husband has been learning some new tricks.  I think he watched that movie that came out, what's it called? … Oh yeah, spiderman.  He hasn't shown the kids his trick, he's been waiting for me to come over first, he loves me so much...yeah,  he didn't want me to miss it.  I heard him tell William that when I come over again he's going to climb the walls!

Becky: (Holding out hand, admiring nails) What do you think of this shade of nail polish?

Me: It's beautiful! You'll match the car when your son-in-law runs you on your errands!

Becky: You're so fashion savy! Love your new slippers by the way!

(Phone rings I pick up phone)

Me: Excuse me will again ya Hun? Hello? (pause) Yeah, come on over! (pause) No, Derek's not here, (pause) no problem, bring them all along!
Becky: I need to find a new place to stay. The house I live in is just too drafty.

: It is! I remember last time I was there, it took 3 hours for my hair to dry on the highest setting!

Becky: Well Last night I asked my son-in-law for advice. I thought I might have to move in with them while I looked for a place, and it may take awhile....  Did you know he is so good on computers?

Me: Mm Hmm He is!

Becky: Yes Ma'am! He got right on the internet and found some cheap housing. It's in a neighborhood not far from here. I've not heard of it before, but he says it's real close.  It's in a place called Iran.

: It sounds like a lovely place

Becky: You know, I really do love what you've done in this house!

Me: Ahh, you're such a good friend Mert.

Kara: (walks in carrying a grocery bag and talking on the phone) Okay, Wonderful! I'll be looking forward to seeing you in an hour here for dinner. It'll be fun! (Notices Becky and I sitting at the table, looks surprised and sets the groceries down) Mom! You're here!! Umm I didn't know you were planning on coming over! And you brought a friend! Just let me make a quick phone call.  (hunches over and talks secretly in the phone) Derek honey, don't come home! She's over here and she has a friend over too! (pause) How long will they be here??  I don't know! (pause) No, I didn’t change the locks. I thought you were going to! We better go out for dinner (pause) okay, I'll meet you at Chili's. (pause) okay, I'll be there in 5 minutes! 

Kara: (nervously and quickly) Um Mom, I just talked to Derek, He is going to be umm working late, yeah, and I need to get going. I have an errand to run. yeah, I need to go purchase some um cat shampoo,  (while rushing out the door) Sorry I can't stay!  love you! bye!

: Ain't she a sweetie !

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mark 10:45

For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Bargain! Oh yeah!! :)

Saw it
Wanted it.
Saw price tag 
$199.00 at Crate and Barrel!
Went hunting around the house
 Problem: the base of the lamp kit was too 
small, had to find a larger base to keep it 
from falling into the jar.  
Ah Hah! large mouth canning jar lid was 
just the ticket. 
Lamp harp $4.00
Old plastic canning jar lid 29 cents
Lamp kit from my daughter's yard sale...Free
Large glass jar, from a yard sale awhile back $2.00  
 Had a brilliant idea. Trace the lid, fold the circle to find the center, nip of the middle, put on the lid and mark the center for drilling... ta da!!! :) So proud of my stroke of mediocre brilliance. 
Pride cometh before the fall, don't do it that way, it doesn't work. LOL
The hole was much to big, and since I traced the outside of the lid, the circle was a bit bigger than the lid. Put those two things together and you get an off center mark.
Plan #2
look on the underside of the lid, see that little circle there that marks the center?? ha ha
Drilled it. (make sure you put something you don't want a hole in under the lid to keep from marring your surface.)
assembled all the pieces and plugged 'er in!
    Finished product: $6.29 (I used the lamp shade from the lamp that previously lit this table.)
Hmmmm not counting the tax money I didn't spend, 
I saved  $192.71
Where shall I take all my girlie friends out to lunch?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

7,070,844,585 + 1

Yesterday the worlds population was increased by 1 to include a new handsome little man, and I was blessed enough to be able to attend yet another birth of my grand children. It completely amazes me how blessed I am to have such an amazing family. Yes I know I used that word twice in one sentence, but no other word describes it!
It was a long haul for my daughter. The little guy wasn't eager to leave his warm and snuggly environment. She had a long labor with a couple breaks where it seemed delivery would be put off for another day.

 Finally though everything kicked into high gear and my new grandson made his entrance into the world and his extremely exhausted mother was able to hold him in her arms. He was born at home with the help of an very supportive and loving husband and a skilled and compassionate midwife team. I went back and forth between being with my daughter to help comfort in any way I could, and tending to her two youngest and keeping them happy.  I'll never forget the excitement when they heard their new family member for the first time. They didn't know their mother was in labor. It's incredible how easy it is to distract and occupy little ones with a few raisins, crackers, and an episode or 10 of Blues Clues LOL. Indeed, I almost missed the delivery by seconds as the oldest of the two called out from the other room to tell me that the episode was over and the youngest made a plea for a few more crackers.  I rushed back just in time. The picture taken just at that moment of birth shows me sprinting into the doorway with my hand reaching out to my daughter. Shortly after birth the baby began to cry. I was back in the room with the girls and they both looked up at me with curious faces. Then 3 1/2 year old Emi exclaimed "That's my baby brudder!" While not quite 2 year old Kit had this look on her face that said "That's a baby! What's a baby doing here? Grammy did you know there was a baby here!?!" :)) Both girls immediately ran out of the room to investigate where they found their Mom and  baby and welcomed their new brother into the family with smiles and kisses on the head. Thank you Lord for this new little man. Thank you for my daughter, my son-in-law, for all my grand babies, and for excellent mid wives. Thank you Lord. I am forever grateful for all of your blessings!