Thursday, July 11, 2013

When Life hands you Cherries.... Invite the Grands over! :)

Hubby came home with 72 pounds of cherries! Yep, you read correctly! 72 pounds! So what's there to do but invite my two oldest Grand-girls?! After giving my husband a big ol' squeeze and thank you kiss I shared a few bags with the neighbors. Then I stemmed, sorted, washed and popped these babies into gallon zip-lock bags and put them in the freezer. Once they're frozen and have thawed, pitting them is easy as pie! Freezing them also helps me to deal with them in smaller batches. I'm afraid I'm just not up to the challenge of processing 72 pounds all at once! Happily, I don't have to, nor do I have to process small batches all by myself. I have two very eager happy helpers! We thawed and pitted a batch lickety split! An added benefit... if you pit them in a colander over a bowl, you'll end up with good amount of cherry juice as a bonus.

I wish I'd gotten some pictures of my gals canning! I guess I was just too busy enjoying the fun! They did a bang up job, as you can see from our results! This was from 5, 1 gallon bags :)

 YUMWe layered some tea biscuits with whipped cream, then topped it all with some chocolate cherries. Hubby had 5 servings, but not all at once ;)
When the Grands are over...
Life is just a bowl of cherries  
(with chocolate syrup)

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