Friday, August 3, 2012

It's been awhile....

It's been awhile since I dug out my crafting supplies and had some fun! T.K. gave me a book while I was visiting her. Love it!!!
Opened it up to page 17... and I was off! Off to the thrift store....Where I spent a whopping 50 cents for two of these :)
 Don't know where I'll use the second one, but for the extra 25 cents, figured it's cheaper than paying for the gas to go back even if I don't end up using it! ;) 
Next I was off to the hardware store where I picked up three wooden knobs for $3.00, brought them home and got out my black/brown paint...
Got out my tube of awesomeness. a.k.a. shoe goo...

And in just a short time... I have this sitting on my counter!  A base for my trail mix jar :) Hubby said he thought I'd lost my mind at first, but he really likes it! Double win!

Thanks T.K.!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thank you Lord for your provision, thank you for your grace, thank you for your mercy, thank you for you SON. I am blessed....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's my Birthday Week!!! :)

Yay! I'm back home and it's my birthday week!!! What does that mean to me?? It means three things... Family, Friends, and Fun!!! Every year for my birthday I ask for the same thing. And each year I get it. (I am so stinkin' blessed!!) I ask for "time", time with my family and my friends.  This year the day before my birthday (schedules can never be counted on to happen on the appropriate day. I've learned to live with it ;) Anyway... I digress.... This year, the day before my birthday I invited my kiddos, my grands, and my good friends T.F. and M.F. for a cook out and game night. Along with other BBQ fare we cooked up the Boudin. We also served dip made with cream cheese and some of T.K.'s home canning. I brought back with me from my trip.  It's called "To-Jam".  Okay, I see you wrinkling up your nose, but really, it's amazing stuff.  So why the name? Because Tomato Jam is too long to write dozens of times on tiny mason lids of course! Besides that, I like being quirky, and so do my friends ;)  To-Jam is delicious! It's savory/sweet, tastes great on crackers and chicken and who knows what else, but I'll be making lots of it so I can't wait to see how many ways I can incorporate it into our eating. (Check back for the recipe and pics. I just bought 30 pounds of tomatoes thanks to a great sale {55 cents a pound!} I'll be blogging about it and posting the recipe very soon!) 

Back to the main subject: Everyone who came to help me celebrate pitched in and brought food to share and the grands came in with STACKS of home made birthday cards and wishes. :) We played an awesome game my hubby found online. Really cool, but loses a lot in the translation... suffice it to say, we were laughing and playing and having a grand time :)  Love love my family and friends!! 

The next day, my actual birthday, Kiddo took me to Denny's for my usual annual Grand Slam. This is an event I look forward to ALL year. My all time favorite meal is breakfast. "Bring on the pancakes!!" The next day I went to lunch with my gal friend S.W. and a long visit in her comfy kitchen with some red velvet cake.  4 days later it was out for dinner with my loving and amazing handsome man (dinner served with a kiss ;) After that, Birthday Pizza with my son (Thank you! Love you in hunks and bunches!) Today draws a close to my birthday week, but we aren't finished yet.  Going out to lunch with my gal buddy T. F. :)  !! And what will I be doing in August??? Dieting! and being thankful for those near and dear.  I am so stinkin' blessed! Thank you Lord, and thank you everyone for everything!