Sunday, May 6, 2012

His name is Miracle, and He's a goat.

What an amazing adventure today was! I'm still reeling from all the activity. I'm house-sitting for a friend. Part of the fun is caring for her many goats... milking, feeding, checking their water. Goat milk BTW is the most AMAZING coffee creamer ;)  Taking a quart of that yummy stuff with me when I go back home!
There was one additional addendum... one of the goats was expecting. "Sugar" is an experienced mama. She can handle the birth alone, no worries, that is unless there are complications... Today, there were complications. Kiddo went out to begin feeding the goats while I took out the trash when I heard squeals. "Mama come quick! The baby's being born!!" I came running, dropping the garbage as I went. I took one quick look and I knew, something wasn't right. The head was delivered, but Mama goat wasn't pushing. The baby just didn't look right. I ran in and tried to help Mama goat but just how does a person help a Mama goat? I tried helping ease the shoulders out, but a goat has a very long neck... where were the shoulders?! Okay, now what?? Ahh yes, telephone! I was given several phone numbers to call in case of emergency. Time to take stock:
Phone, yes
Emergency, yes!!!
Called phone number #1, no answer,
Phone number #2, no answer.
Hey wait a minute, the guy we got the hay from said call if I need ANYTHING!
Phone number #3, Success! But doesn't know anything about birthing goats.... Yikes!
Phone number #1 again, Success! Doesn't know anything about birthing goats, but on her way! Yay!
Phone number #2 again, Success! Knows about birthing goats! 
Unfortunately she is a distance away, but at least there is information.
Oh no! I was right, things aren't looking good. LORD HELP US!!
Apparently when a goat is giving birth the head 
and legs are delivered first. 
No Legs! 
The baby is in a bad position and Mama goat can't push him out. Now I get instructions.
"Reach in, find the goats legs and pull them out"
Okay, a baby needs my help and it's NO TIME to be squeamish. 
Phillippians 4:13.
 I can do this!!
I reach in. Yes, I had my hands inside a goat today. All I can feel is the baby's chest, I can't feel its legs at all. Getting scared here. The baby is moving his head now and then, but his head is getting cold and his tongue is turning blue.
Phone rings again, It's the hay guy. He knows a woman vet who lives just around the corner.
Phone rings again, It's the vet and she's only 10 minutes away, was on her way home. 
Phone rings again, it's the home owner wanting to know if I would like the neighbor to come over.
"Does he know about animals? Yes?! Call him!"
Phone rings again, It's vet #1 (Did I tell you there were two vets?) reaffirmed instructions... 
Okay Lord, I need your help I'm trying again! 
I look up and what do I see but an answer to prayer. Before the next 10 minutes were over I had four blessings from God walk into the backyard. 
Blessing number one rolls up her sleeve, hands kiddo her wedding ring for safe keeping.
 (Just HOW do you put that on an insurance form anyway? "Lost diamond ring inside of goat?") 
More telephone calls while I go out front to flag down the vet. One last look behind me and I see my blessing from God up to her elbows in goat. Today is not a day for loss. This baby will be delivered! Forgetting about the vet, I returned to the pen along with the neighbor. The rest is a blur. All I remember is the vet did come and there were cheers and  praises as blessing number one was able to free the feet and thus deliver the little guy, weak, cold, and a slow heart beat, but alive. Thank you LORD!
As she pulled him up to her lap and rubbed him with a towel to stimulate him to breathe better, she proclaimed. He's here and he's a miracle!! Hence the name. Little Miracle is a treasure. The vet arrived and everyone watched in a huddled group as Mama goat was praised and Miracle was encouraged to nurse and to stand. About that time someone  came over with a bale of straw so that both would have a warm bed tonight. I'm pleased to say Mama and Baby are doing fine. I am so thankful for the Lord for sending so many blessings our way. I am forever grateful for the friends and neighbors who came to answer the call. Thank you for answering the calling of the Holy Spirit and being his messenger of comfort. If I forgot to mention anyone of you or your acts of kindness. I am so sorry, Please know that I appreciate you and what you did for us this day more than I can express. It's just all such a blur! 
I thank God for your help, and I thank you Lord for our little Miracle :)

*I called the home owner to let her know that all is well and added an addendum of my own:
If any of the chocolate is missing from her house 
when she comes home I will not be held accountable ;) 
She has told me she's bringing me a giant 
Hershey bar. :) 
I like mine with almonds ;)


Kara said...

Haha! Praise the Lord for little "miracle" :-) So glad all ended well, and no jewelry was lost in the process, lol. Good job mom!

Carolynn Stewart said...

Tonight will not be a night for tears! Just hoping for rest now while wondering what tomorrow will bring!

Terri said...

Precious story!!! You did good!! Hope to see pics of Little Miracle!!

Carolynn Stewart said...

Posting soon!