Monday, May 14, 2012

Puppies! :)

O'Bryan Such a cutie! He's a love, likes to snuggle, likes to play.
Patrick, Meet Mr. Uber Cool, He's the calm one, loves to snuggle!
Roxy, She's going to be a handful. She's Ultra playful If one is barking, running, or pouncing it's her!


Terri said...

Adorable!!! I want one!! I wish!
I love puppy breath!

Carolynn Stewart said...

I know, they smell like bologna! They're so cute!! :) O'Brian is gone to his new home, but we'll be seeing him often! His new name is Basil and he lives with the kiddos!! :) On Thursday Patrick becomes Fenton in his new home. Roxie, she will be with us for awhile :D