Thursday, May 10, 2012

myo liquid soap

a friend of mine just made her own liquid soap. I just love "M" she is amazing. We are very like minded, but she is always 2 (or 5 or 6) steps ahead of me! I've learned A LOT from her. Here is the email she sent me:

"So....we made a GALLON of each body wash and hand soap. Both liquid.
VERY VERY VERY EASY and exceedingly cheap.
Glycerin is the key ingredient.
You grade up any bar of 100 veg oil soap /glycerin soap. Dr. Broners, mrs meyers, I found one at sprouts with goats milk, dad bought a 2 pk at trader joes with honey oatmeal.
So the cost is the bar of soap. Grade it. Add to a gallon of water. Add 2 tbls spoons of glycerin (walgreens) Slow heat med/high as soon as boils remove from heat. Sit for 10 hours or so. Blend/mix. Pour into a jug. Keeps for a year. Refill as needed. did the body wash the same, only used a softer soap. Infused herbs into my water (herbal infusion) with callendula. Because its a healing herb and my skin can use the pampering. Used that infusion for the water base. But NOT necessary.
So I have 2 gallon jugs for a total of....$4.00
Thought it was worth sharing.
We are still happy with the homemade laundry soap we've been using for about 4 years now.
EVERYTHING I make is cheaper, better and safer for the kids and baby.

Thanks M! :D 
big grin

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Terri said...

I had to switch to Aveeno body wash .... It is way expensive. This sounds even milder! I'm gonna try it!!! Thanks M and C for sharing!!