Friday, April 26, 2013

Cookies !! I ADORE Cookies!!

I'd eat them all day if they were healthy, low calorie, grain free, and I was eight LOL..... I best love cookies with lots of "stuff" in them, chocolate chips, dried fruit, nuts, coconut, m&m's you name it, throw it in! I've lately been thinking about looking for a good bacon cookie recipe!
I told all my family and friends that for my birthday this year, what I want most is a batch of special cookie dough from everyone, the more imaginative the better. I'm going to portion them out into lg. cookie sz. and freeze them individually. If all my friends and family participate I'll have a cookie supply to last a full year! I'll just cook them up, one at a time when I feel like a little lovin' from the oven and I'll smile as I think of the loved one that provided my mini cookie vacation :) I even have a wee cookie sized cast iron cookie skillet to bake it in! 
At first, I'll admit, I felt guilty asking such a request. "Ask for a present?! And then tell them what to give me?!!! <GASP>" But then I realized, wait, these are people who love me, and truly, the thought of a years supply of beautiful tasty cookies makes me positively giddy with joy! (Have I mentioned recently that I love cookies) Please forgive me if I don't show proper decorum. If you don't wish to make cookie dough I promise I'll not think twice about it and I'll still love you forever and ever!  

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