Friday, March 8, 2013

Bargain! Oh yeah!! :)

Saw it
Wanted it.
Saw price tag 
$199.00 at Crate and Barrel!
Went hunting around the house
 Problem: the base of the lamp kit was too 
small, had to find a larger base to keep it 
from falling into the jar.  
Ah Hah! large mouth canning jar lid was 
just the ticket. 
Lamp harp $4.00
Old plastic canning jar lid 29 cents
Lamp kit from my daughter's yard sale...Free
Large glass jar, from a yard sale awhile back $2.00  
 Had a brilliant idea. Trace the lid, fold the circle to find the center, nip of the middle, put on the lid and mark the center for drilling... ta da!!! :) So proud of my stroke of mediocre brilliance. 
Pride cometh before the fall, don't do it that way, it doesn't work. LOL
The hole was much to big, and since I traced the outside of the lid, the circle was a bit bigger than the lid. Put those two things together and you get an off center mark.
Plan #2
look on the underside of the lid, see that little circle there that marks the center?? ha ha
Drilled it. (make sure you put something you don't want a hole in under the lid to keep from marring your surface.)
assembled all the pieces and plugged 'er in!
    Finished product: $6.29 (I used the lamp shade from the lamp that previously lit this table.)
Hmmmm not counting the tax money I didn't spend, 
I saved  $192.71
Where shall I take all my girlie friends out to lunch?

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