Thursday, June 27, 2013

I have all 6 oldest Grands here today. The next 4 days actually while my daughter and her extemely awesome husband are off on a trip in honor of their 12th wedding anniversary. 
.... Tent is set up in the living room, hauling mattresses into it. Fed them all, set the youngest three to coloring, the oldest three making origami, and helping my youngest to learn cross stitch, 
I love my life <3
Story time in the tent with Auntie and some snacks :)
 Here's a small sample of some of the conversations we've had the last few days :)

time for dinner...
Me: Will, will you pray for us?
Will asks for safety for his dad and mom and baby brother while they are away, prays for the food, prays for a good day.
Kat: William! You prayed for a fun day! That's so funny, we're at Grammy's house!
Me: :)

Me After setting up the tent in the living room for the "Grand Sleep Over": Do we need mattresses? Or do you want to just sleep on the tent floor?

Much discussion ensues and it is decided mattresses would be good.
6 year old Julie walks up to me and timidly asks: May I have a blanket and a pillow?
Me: awwwweee. Yes! you definitely may!
Me: Time for bed
Almost 4 year old Emma: I need my night time pants on.
Me: Okay, go potty first
Emma returning to the room: I like myself
Me: You like yourself?
Emma: NO! I WIPED myself.
Me; OH! But do you like yourself too?
Emma: Yes, And I like you too
. (Hands me her glow stick) Here is my glow stick. I need to go to bed now.
Me: You can take your glow stick with you.
Emma: grabs glow stick back, squeals with delight and runs into the tent.

Bed time. 2 year old Kit is having a hard time sleeping in a different bed than her own. She sleeps a bit and fusses, sleeps a bit and fusses. Since hubby is away today I go in and get her to snuggle with me. I reassure her that I won't for get her best bedtime friend "blanky". I bring her into my room.
Me: I love you
Kit; I love you too.
I put her in bed and crawl in next to her. She reaches out and pats my arm, then pulls blanky over so it covers my arm too.
Me: :)))

Next morning... Kids are all eating breakfast
Kids: Can we go outside and play after we're done?
Me: Yes, that's a wonderful idea, before it gets too hot. Girls, lets brush your hair first.
Emma: Grammy, when I'm done eating can you brush my hair 'cuz that's what mommy's do.
Me: That's what mommy's do?
Emma says knowingly: Yeah, they brush their little girls hair.

Almost four year old Emma woke up with a nose bleed. We took care of it and I tried to comfort her.
Me: "You know, when your mom was little she had nose bleeds, and so did I when I was little."
The bleeding subsided and I said "How about that. it stopped bleeding. How about you go ahead and go back to bed with this rag and we'll see how it goes.
Emma: It doesn't.
Me; It doesn't what?
Emma: It doesn't go.
Me: Oh.
Hmmm not sure what that means. decided to stay up and just have a chat and see what she's thinking about.
Me: You're such a big girl to get out of bed and take care of a nose bleed. You are a very big girl.
Emma: I'm two.
Me: I think you're three. I think you are going to be four very soon.
Emma: No. I'm two. Mama told me. She said I'm two. I have to be.

Hubby went to the store today and bought a large inflatable pool for the kids. They had so much fun playing and splashing. He also bought pool toys and glow sticks. Their uncle moved the slide from the swing set and placed it in the pool.  The kids were all having fun. I said "Uncle, why don't you show them how to play Marco Polo." Yeah, it's a small space, but that's okay. No one will be "it" for very long! LOL  Apparently Julie already knows how to play. She giggles at me and says "Grammy. To play Marco Polo you have to roll around a lot! We can't do that in the pool!!" I'm thinking "Huh? Just how does Julie play Maraco Polo???"


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Mrs. White said...

It is so wonderful to have grandchildren around! You are blessed!

- Mrs. White