Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Luke 6:38

...and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over...

Yesterday I attended a concert.  
Where? My daughter's van. Who were the singers? Two of my grand daughters as we drove the highway. What a Blessing! I hope I never forget the sweetness of two wee girls, ages 5 and 6 1/2  singing joyfully the songs in their heart, the songs they've learned both at church and in their own homes. Oh how I love the sound of happy voices!

Yesterday I laughed much.
Why? I spent the day with my two beautiful daughters and a very dear friend who is like a daughter to my heart. What joys is found in spending the day with like-minded women who love their Lord and the lives he's given them! How sweet it is to exchange stories to be a blessing and to be blessed by friends and family. 

Yesterday I found treasures.
What type of treasures? While shopping yesterday I was able to find so many bargains! We were able to find two new pretty denim skirts for my youngest daughter and one new one for myself. Anyone who has ever struggled to find a modest long denim skirt will appreciate just how rare that is :) I was also able to find, on sale, a pair of lime green sheer curtains for my daughter's new room. (another item that was proving difficult to find unless I wanted sequins or stripes-- which I didn't)  Also found at bargain price were three new shirts for me at the thrift store, one red, one pink, and one brown (uh oh! I think I now have over 20 brown shirts! But what can I say??? My hubby says he loves the way my hair looks when I wear brown! When I held up the three shirts to show him he said he liked them all, but he especially liked the brown one -- In to the cart went all three!!) But what was the biggest bargain I found? (drum roll please)

Why was this such a blessing? Because I have three men in my life that I adore and they all love the taste of bacon! Sadly, I was only able to find two bottles so my hubs and son will share one for now. The second bottle goes to my awesome son in law. I can't wait to hear all the different ways this wonderful tasting stuff will be put into use! I'm hoping for a vanilla milk shake with this as an added ingredient... I've heard it's tasty!

Last night I dated my favorite person in the world...
No need to ask "who" here! It was the 17th anniversary of my husband's and my first date. 17 years ago, after knowing each other for just shy of a month, he asked me to have dinner with him (Mexican food) and see a movie.  Every year we watch the same movie and eat the same meal and we talk about how much we've been blessed by each other throughout the year together. To be loved so immensely by someone so wonderful is a blessing so rich and full that I could never put it into words. He is my best and dearest, my  sweetest and strongest. He is my hearts beat! Thank you Lord for giving me to such a rare and wonderful man!
...and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over...

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