Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

On Wednesday two of my Grands came over for a sleepover. It was their birthday week and time to...
I bought a zoo pass last fall and have taken each of the Grands, in turn, to the zoo and out to lunch for their birthday. This time it was Grand #1 (just turned 10) and Grand #4 (just turned 5). 
What a time we had! I HIGHLY recommend getting the zoo pass, and then at each visit getting the "Wild Ticket" It gave us unlimited rides on the carousel, train, and the stingray petting pool.  It lets a Grammy be a Grammy! If I were to pay for each, individual ride we went on, the total would have been $56.00. But with the unlimited ticket.... "What is that you say? You want to go on the Carousel for the 11th time?? SURE!!! LET'S GO!! The humming bird was a favorite :)
You should have seen Grand #4's face beaming when she called her brother and boasted she road a dinosaur and petted a dragon! LOL
My favorite, as always were the Orangutans :) 
Who couldn't love a face like this?
 And, as you must realize.... I am partial to red hair! :)
Afterwards we went to Denny's where Grand #4 picked her favorite, mac and cheese, goldfish crackers, and root beer. Grand #1 decided to step outside the box and try what I was having, buffalo wraps, but with BBQ sauce. The waiter was awesome. He treated the girls like ladies, very respectful and making them feel "oh so grown up". Then we went to our favorite Asian market and picked up some of our favorite candy. On the way home I mentioned there was ice cream waiting. Grand #1 loudly replied "WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!" She then started naming off everything they had and had done so far that day. I guess I was a bit overkill on the celebration LOL but hey, we're too busy building memories today to keep count!  :)

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