Tuesday, June 5, 2012

That was SO.... last week! ;)

So, Italian is out... Boppy Teen room is in. My daughter has changed her mind on her room (yep again!) She doesn't want to get tired of the Italian theme before she's an adult and can implement even better then. She also figures her future husband wouldn't appreciate a room full of feminine girlie colors.... (wise woman that she is) So it's better to have fun with that now. It's out with the Italian, and in with "Boppy Happy Teen room meets Shabby Chic". Here are her colors - sort of. Its hard to match up Glidden paint colors on my desk paint program!
 Kiddo is on her last leg of her home schooling and for her graduation present we are redecorating her room. To keep her motivated and so we don't have to drop a bundle all at once we're giving it to her one item at a time, as she completes a subject. She just completed vocabulary so new paint goes on the wall today! I've got my painting togs on, paint purchased and the music set to be heard throughout the house :)  Kiddo and I are also hoping her brother will make a pizza run for us later today (our traditional room painting menu) We're painting her walls a neutral pale silvery gray and adding splashes of bright happy color throughout with further decorating choices.

I came across a bed at the thrift store, only $20.00. It was missing one of the pineapples, so I went to the neighborhood store and purchased a happy fat little bird to glue to the top of the bedpost and painted it white like the rest of the bed.
I purchased a table via swap with a buddy of mine. I gave her one that I found at a thrift store for $7.00. When I saw one that she was selling at her yard sale I realized it would be perfect and since she liked the one I had just purchased.... <big grin>  Now we both have a table that makes us happy! I just need to purchase a basket or some such item to use for a drawer... or perhaps that is where her current book will perch? :)
I painted all the pieces white for a shabby chic look. Later I'll have glass cut for the table top to protect it from kiddo's fish bowl, hopefully I remember to do it before it gets damaged!

I also found a frame for 50 cents.... different thrift store ;) painted it light purple, added a contrasting ribbon ($1.03) and filled the inside with a piece of cardboard painted with chalk board paint! Yay! a new chalk board for $1.53. 
When oh when will I start remembering to take some "before" pics!

With completing her next subject she will either get a new bean bag chair or a new comforter :) Or perhaps something else! She has four subjects left to complete. We hope to be finished with school (and her room) by her birthday next January!

Time to go paint!

Next time assemble bed with matress and box spring and THEN glue on the bird.... on our way to the store to purchase another :-\

My kingdom for a bag of peanut m&m's or a really good cookie ;) 

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Anonymous said...

Yay C!!! It all looks so cute, I can't wait to see new pics! :-)