Saturday, June 2, 2012

and then there was..... one

Guess which one! :)  Patrick and O'Bryan have gone to their new homes. We thought we had a home for Roxy, but...... when we hadn't heard from the people again, and she looks this cute..... well, you can guess what happens next!  We also are saying goodbye to their mother Molly today. A need arose. God brought someone in our path that needs her more and loves her much. Her new home will only be a five minute walk from our door so we can see her often :) When her daughter, who lives a distance away, heard about Molly she said "Mom! I've been praying someone brings you a dog just like Molly!"  It just reinforces that I'm doing the right thing. It's what God would want. I've taken her over for a visit twice to get acquainted. Today when I go it will be for keeps.

"I love you Molly! I'm really going to miss you! I miss you already!!" 
...feeling sad, and yet at peace..... Thank you Lord for allowing me  to be a part of your plan and watch you work! :)
 Can I have a cookie???

We took Molly to our neighbor's house and visited for a few hours to make sure she was well acquainted. By the time I left, Molly was laying on her back thoroughly in love while my neighbor rubbed her stomach talking softly to her. :)  I love you and miss you Molly, but I know you will be very happy and well cared for... 

Dear Lord, please forgive me if I'm still sad for awhile.

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