Friday, February 17, 2012

It's a good day for late Valentines gifts...

Even late gifts can have a good day, that's what the smile on my daughters face tells me anyway!  We've been away for a few days, one of those days just happened to fall on Valentines day.  No worries! With a hubs like mine, every day is Valentines day!! :x 
lovestruck :x 
lovestruck  Last night we surprised our kiddo with her valentines gift.  A stuffed beagle, a box of chocolates, a tub of chocolates, and a jar of chocolates! (Every teen girls dream LOL) In the jar of chocolates we hid a special gift.  I tied a necklace up in a small plastic sack, tied a ribbon around it and threaded it up through the jar, much like a candle wick through a candle. Up came the necklace as she gently pulled on the ribbon.  Much to my surprise, it was the same necklace she had been admiring in a catalog :D 
big grin  hmmmm, how does a mom know these things? ;;) 
batting eyelashes

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