Monday, February 27, 2012

it's a good day when the Grands are here!

An early morning story "Grand" style...

Once upon a time there was a butterfly who's name was Georgie Porgie. She woke up one day and she ate cereal for breakfast and then she tied her shoes and decided she was going to the pet store to buy a beagle. She saw the beagles and decided she didn't like any, so she went back home. So she decide to go to the squirrel store and buy a squirrel, but didn't like any of them either, so she went back home. She saw a bear coming where she lived, so she ran out of the house and into the big woods. She chased a mountain lion saying "boogah woogah woogah" to scare it away.  But it didn't work. The mountain lion's name was boogah woogah woogah so it thought she was calling it. So it came and licked her face and she started crying and said don't kiss me! We're not married! She chased the mountain lion away, down the mountain. Then she decided to go get a bear. She said to herself. "It worked when I said "boogah woogah woogah" to the mountain lion, maybe it will work with the bear."  So she went to the bear and said "boogah woogah woogah" but she was scared because the bear chased her because in bear language "boogah woogah woogah" means "come get me." Then the butterfly understood what it meant in bear language so she said "boogah woogah huggah" to say "stop chasing me" The bear finally stopped and said "woogah" which meant "I'm sorry". Then scary people came and said "boogah woogah woogah" which meant "we're coming to get you!" In their language. So Georgie Porgie ran all the way home and never ever said "boogah woogah woogah" again. She just ate her cereal and stayed home where she belonged. 

This is a fictitious story. Any resemblance to  persons living or dead is purely coincidental.  This story was written by the Grands and does not necessarily represent the opinions of the blogger. Enjoy :)

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