Friday, February 17, 2012

it's a good day for sleepin' in...

It's a good day for turning off the alarm and pulling the blankets up a bit higher around the chin. It's also a good day to stay in bed while doing my "computer work". I took a break at 10:30 and  scurried outta bed, feeding the dogs their breakfast (the dogs, aka Tillus McGee McGillacuty and Molly McDougal Malone,  my two little strawberry-blonde girls. One a lemon beagle, the other a mix of Papillon and Long haired Chihuahua) SO, I fed the dogs their breakfast and happened across the indoor thermometer... 56 degrees indoors at 10:30, the outdoor thermometer reads 42.  Sun! Where did you go?!  Coffee.... I need coffee! Something warm before I head back to bed. Where's that coffee and mug T.K. sent?! and moon pie! perfect for dunking!! As the steam rises from my new shiny hand-painted mug and the aroma of chocolate raspberry coffee fills my senses a smile spreads across my face.... and then.... I reach for a moon pie for dunking! Oh yes! This is a nice way to spend the morning :) Thank God for cold mornings and good friends!!
 Thank you!!
 Update: Blanket time is over, the fun time begins! Kiddo is awake and we are about to have races to see who can do their morning work first.  I bet I win!! Let the fun begin!!! 
big grin
Second Update: Kiddo won by a landslide! Woo Hoo!!!


Terri said...

Dogs? How come I've never heard about these dogs? Love those names!!! LOL! I had a cuppa Michigan Cherry this morning!!! Uhm ... "computer work" !!!!

Carolynn Stewart said...

It looks like I have a subject for a blog! Tillus (A.K.A. Tilly) and Molly! Don't you remember Molly? She's my new one that came with future pups :) We expect them at the end of March...and Yeah, you caught that right LOL my computer work = computer fun!
BTW Loved the coffee this morning!!! For some reason it tastes even better in my new mug :D