Monday, February 6, 2012

it's a good day to get caught up on things...

Monday Monday..... What's in store for me today?  Looking out the window I see the sun shinning and think "Spring! You've arrived!" Then I check the thermometer (pronounced ther-moh-meter when you are listening to the thoughts in my head) It's barely above 30 outside!  :( ! I SO want to get outdoors and prepare for the warmer months.  I'm dreaming about produce bearing plants, ducks, rabbits, my two dogs, and.... last but not least..... my grandchildren all romping in lush grassesOkay, ducks don't romp, but you get the idea!
Today is a day filled to the brim with activities; school, a dentist appointment, (my daughter will henceforth no longer be able to be referred to as "metal mouth"), Caring for my husband who's home with a nasty cold, house work (always) and preparing for our yearly church fellowship meetings next week (creating a bulletin board and researching recipes. Anyone know of an easy Italian dish that isn't spaghetti, lasagna, pizza, or fettuccine?) I also need to pick out a Bible verse to be engraved on a sign. (Again, any suggestions?! It needs to reflect family, hearth and home and the providence of God...tall order! Perhaps I'll just take my Bible along with me to the dentist office....) 
To draw it all to a close, tonight, in connection with kiddo's American Government class, we are watching "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington :) It's going to be a GOOD day! 

Update: I still have a "metal mouth" living in the house. Kiddo was told that her braces would be coming off today. But, when we arrived the receptionist said "Oh no! We always schedule an extra long appointment for that!" An "extra long appointment" has now been scheduled for March :)


Terri said...

Phew! No wonder I was so tired by the end of the day Monday! I was channeling you!! Braces gone??!!! Yay! Hope that "B man" is feeling better!!! we need to have a cyber meeting!!!!

Carolynn Stewart said...

Kiddo was disappointed... The dentist told her the braces were coming off, but the receptionist said "Oh no! We always schedule an especially long appt. for that!" Now I have until March to poke fun at her ;) B is feeling better and back to work making me some spending money :) I agree! It's def. time for a cyber meeting! It's been awhile and I'm anxious to catch up :)