Tuesday, February 21, 2012

it's a good day to crackle paint

It's a good day to crackle paint a photo frame for Kiddo's room!
Supplies needed, a base coat, a top coat, white school glue, foam brushes, and something to crackle!
Paint your surface with a base coat.  The color you choose will be the color of the cracks. You want to have a high contrast color to your top coat.
Paint your surface and let dry thoroughly.
Paint a coat of white school glue on top of your base coat.
Brush the glue on in the directions you want your cracks to be, up and down brush strokes will produce up and down cracks, likewise sideways brush strokes will produce sideways cracks.  Thin coats of glue produce small cracks, thick coats of glue will produce thick cracks. 
To look authentic, it's good to make the glue thicker on some areas and thinner on others. 
As soon as the glue has turned clear it's time to paint on your top coat.
Brush on your top coat, brushing in one direction. Apply paint thick enough to cover evenly in one coat, being careful not to over-brush.
Within seconds cracks will begin to appear!  I will be adding ribbon to this to hang on the wall and adding a photo to hang in Kiddo's room (Picture to follow at a later date!)

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