Saturday, March 10, 2012

it's a really good day...

Every now and then life plops you *smack* in the middle of a really good day. It started out with breakfast. Let me just say, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I don't care when we eat it.  As a matter of fact, I adore having breakfast for dinner, but today just happened to start out with breakfast for breakfast. We went to Denny's for banana pecan pancakes and coffee. Hubs ordered the coffee with a shot of half vanilla, half cream.... I think know I'm in love :)
We went for a drive and visited "The Shoe Tree". Don't quite understand the concept of a shoe tree, but I think it's rather cool and wanted to go for a drive and take a picture of it.
Hubs got into the spirit of things, and said if it were him, he'd go lay down under the tree and take a pic. So I handed him my camera ;)
Next we were off to a quilt show with the kiddo and our visiting aunt! Here is a pic of my favorite:
...and hubby's favorite

Right about then, my big strong handsome man wanted some protein. . .
Oh yeah!!  
(My burger was considerably smaller, and hubs finished off my fries for me)

Then I ran into one of my favorite stores, American Discount Foods a.k.a. ADF and got a couple of smokin' deals... 2 gallons of bbq. sauce for 3 bucks and 6 pounds of taffy (peppermint) for 50 cents a pound.  Not Bad! :)
Hubs and kiddo both dislike peppermint taffy, (it's the only flavor ADF had) so this will literally last me for months! 

Time to go home, then the hubs says, "Hey, get online and order that Kindle Fire you've been wanting." Wha?!? :-O 
surprise ... thud.

But we aren't finished yet! He gave me some flowers, put them in water for me because I was so tired...
 Then came my favorite part, snuggling with my sweetie and watching a show when kiddo comes in and we finish the day having some quiet time together....
ahhhhh.... perfection! 
Thank you hubby, and Thank you Lord,
it's been a really good day!
&gt;:D< big hug


Talitha said...

You deserved it!

Carolynn Stewart said...

ahhh, you're so sweet :) Thanks! Next time perhaps we can go down together? :)

Terri said...

awwwwwww!!! sweet! A shoe tree? Who'd a thunk?!!!
I want a bottle tree for my garden, but may have to settle for turning my mannequin into a scarecrow! Keller loves the idea!

Carolynn Stewart said...

I was thinking about a bottle tree too, but then I was worried about what would happen when the wind started to blow! I have a bunch of blue bottles.... the wheels are turning on what to do with them! (can you see the smoke?) LOL