Monday, March 19, 2012

it's a good day to get things done...

Last night I got a head-start on my day today. I went into the pantry and had a good look around. "Physician Heal Thyself!" The organizer needs to get organized! I went through my entire pantry and pulled out everything that didn't quite fit where it was, or just plain did not belong there. I completely filled my dinning room table with the over-flow... not an easy task since my table is 8 ft. long! Then I awoke this morning to a different day than I thought I would. We're snowed in! Hubby can't get to his job, so as I type this, he's blissfully sleeping in. :) My kitchen table is overflowing with pantry excess and the dogs are huddling at my feet. I need to get busy!
Things to do today?
  1. Cook a pot of beans
  2. Organize the pantry so the overflow fits
  3. Can banana pepper rings
  4. Can BBQ sauce
  5. Juice the produce in the fridge
  6. Laundry (a never-ending chore
  7. Shopping (another never-ending chore)
I just got a call, jalapeno peppers are 50 cents a pound! A friend is bringing me a case. It looks like I'm roasting and canning jalapenos! hmmm, just where did I put that recipe that the hubs loves so much?? I know, I didn't write it down. I told myself "This is so simple, I'll remember how I did it!" When oh when will I ever learn?!

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Terri said...

Make some Cowboy Candy with some of those jalapenos!