Thursday, March 1, 2012

it's a good day for some killer deals!

Thrift stores... Love 'em!!
I wonder sometimes how my mom survived without them. She and Daddy had five children. One each year for five years. Mom, like me, was a stay at home mom so we lived on Daddy's paycheck.  If my mom had known what a blessing a thrift store can be she would have been tickled pink!
I went to the thrift stores in town the last couple of days with a friend (Hi T.F.!! :-h 
wave) and then again with my husband :x 
lovestruck. I came away with some amazing deals!
     *One cook book, brand new never read "Crazy for Chipotle" sells for over 10.00 on amazon, I paid 50 cents.
     *A travel book on Switzerland,  "Baedeker's Switzerland" hardly used, again for 50 cents
     *One almost new light-weight jacket, Target brand for a dollar
     *One St. John's Bay tan canvas work shirt for the hubs, never worn, 75 cents
     *One adorable red and white button up blouse 10 cents
     *One lace trimmed pink camisole 10 cents
     *flannel night gown, never worn 2.00
     *One half pint canning jar for sending yummy left-overs in lunches 10 cents
     *Four toddler girls jeans trimmed with frills for 3.75. (three for a buck each at one store, one for 75 cents at another) I plan to use these to make purses :)
     *A Cuisinart Stainless Steel 8 inch skillet 7.00 Okay, 7.00 isn't exactly a steal, but it's Cuisinart! It'll last me a lifetime and my kiddo's life time too!
Did I mention I love thrift stores??!!

And.... drum roll please.....
 Hubby came home with 45 pounds of beef for only 50 cents a pound!! It was sold as meat for pets. I cooked it all up in my huge turkey roaster and portioned it out in sandwich bags in the freezer. My dogs are going to be very happy for a very long time!!! I'm boiling the broth down right now, wondering how I'm going to use it in their food. :)


Talitha said...

I enjoyed my time with you! As usual.

Carolynn Stewart said...

We need to do it more often! :) I enjoyed the day with you as well :)