Thursday, March 29, 2012

it's labor day!

The miracle of life is coming to our home. Molly has delivered her first pup! It's a medium brown little girl. How to anxiously go about our day with calm and quiet, how to watch her closely without watching her? Poor thing my heart goes out for her while at the same time my heart sings happily for the miracle that is taking place in our home. Please Lord help her through this time and protect the wee ones from harm while they are coming into this world of ours...

Update: We have 3! We have a medium brown little girl, a  black one of yet to be determined gender, and another, can't really tell what color because it's dark in the room where she is. But I can see that it's lighter than the black one and darker than the brown one.  Looks a bit gray??  Pics in a couple of days! I feel just like a daddy who's been pacing in the waiting room at the maternity ward all day! Molly girl, you've done a good job!
Update to the update: We have a med. brown girl (Roxy) a black male (Patrick) and a dark brown male (O'Bryan). All are doing well and I'll post pics in a couple of days... don't want to distress mama with a flash camera! 
Update to the updated update! ;) Mama is calm and not concerned about the camera, so here they are!

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