Friday, March 2, 2012

it's a good day for tearing the house apart....!

I did it again, I put something in a "safe place" 
tearing the house apart so I can return it to it's rightful owner. 'So glad I kept it safe for her!
Can anyone tell me where it is???!!! ANYONE??
I don't know where it is right now T.F. 
but I promise you this,
It's Safe! 
:-S worried :-? 
thinking '@-@
 search me#-o 
As far as I have figured there are four steps to searching for an item.
#1 quickly looking at all typical surfaces.
#2 Revisiting surfaces from previous search pulling everything out, moving it, looking over and under.
#3 Slowly and methodically cleaning every corner of the house, hoping will happen upon said item, telling yourself "it's here... somewhere!" No place is safe from this search, including your fridge and under your bed.
#4 The aliens have come and zapped it with their ray guns. It no longer exists, it's a terrible thing, but hey, it's not your fault!
I am now on level #3. Level #4 is not an option.
I am pleased and relieved to report, that I found it, on 3/11/12 Indeed, it was someplace safe :) I asked the Lord to help me to find it, and keep it safe until I do. It was in my laptop bag! Who would've thunk it! Thank you Lord! :) I am now going to put a box in my pantry with the words "SAFE PLACE" on it  That will be my one and only safe place in the future.
 Yeah right, I'm not THAT organized! LOL


K.B. said...

Lol, love it!! Glad I'm not the only one with a "safe" place :-) Unfortunately mine almost always ends up in step four... :p

Carolynn Stewart said...


Terri said...

oh!! if i had a dime for everytime i did that!!! ask God to show you where it is!!! works everytime!

Carolynn Stewart said...

:) I will! Different places keep coming to mind... "I know where it is!" I look.... not there :(