Friday, March 23, 2012

it's a good day for myo oat cereal

I'm making Oat cereal today! I love this recipe and it gives my family an alternative to commercially packaged cereal.  The grands love it too.  We eat it either hot, or cold with milk. Coconut milk is my personal fav. ;) 

  • 2 pounds brown sugar
  • 3 oz. vanilla
  • 2 TBS pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon
  • 2, 24 oz. cartons raisins
  • 3 lbs. walnut 
  • 3 lbs. coconut flakes
  • 25 lbs. old fashioned style rolled oats
  • 2, 10.5 oz. bags mini marshmallows
btw, like Mama Hen? She sits on our kitchen table 24/7 hence she keeps an eye on everything I do in there. :)
Pour brown sugar into a very large bowl, add vanilla and spice and mix thoroughly, evenly distributing the moisture. Set aside. Run walnuts and coconut flakes through food processor to chop finely then add them along with the raisins to the brown sugar mixture, stirring to coat.  Toss into oats along with the marshmallows.  Keep in a sealed container in a cool, dry environment. Stores up to 6 months.
This is my basic recipe, but I often alter it according to whim or what I have on hand.  This time I added a cup of chia seeds, I had some in the cupboard and they're extremely nutritious so I figured, "why not?!" Other ingredients that might be good are dehydrated apple chips, chopped banana chips, or any variety of seeds such as sesame or sunflower. As I mentioned before, I like this cold, with coconut milk, but you can also serve it hot. This basic batch cost me $50.00 and made just over 37 pounds. That's approx. $1.35 a pound. Pretty inexpensive, AND I know just what's in it!

How to Make Hot Oatmeal Cereal

Pour 2 cups of water into a saucepan. Add a dash of salt and 1 cup of Oat cereal. Bring water to boil. Reduce heat to medium. Cook oats for five minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat. This recipe makes two good-sized servings.

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