Tuesday, January 31, 2012

it's a good day for sewing purses for the grand girls...

I came across these skirts at the thrift store for only $2.00 ea.! Score!!

 Belts were 50 cents each at another thrift store :)

I'm not much into sewing. For many years to me sewing meant any project that took more than 20 minutes was worth paying someone else to do... But this was a project I figure even I can handle. Sewing the belts on was a bit tricky.  My sewing machine and the belt couldn't quite agree on which way to go, but I finally was able to sew them on using a "Z" pattern except for one purse where I opted to leave the belt end on the outside.  The detail was just too cute to tuck inside the skirt.

The marble sack is for my grandson, I cut up an old shirt that was no longer fit for wearing. The projects, needless to say, took less than 20 minutes each ;)


Terri said...

Aren't you just the crafty one!!! cute!
We need to start a "Thrifty Thursday" project!

Carolynn Stewart said...

You mean we'll be able to go to the thrift store every Thursday?! :D