Tuesday, January 24, 2012

crafting is in the air...

My oh-so-adorable daughter wants to change her room.  She's into all things Italian these days and her previous room is "so last year".  No, she didn't really say that, but thought I'd throw that in ;)  I thought "What says an Italian computer stand more than a bistro table?"  Someone had given me a lawn table. ("Thanks D.B.!") ... Wish I remembered to take a pic before I sprayed it from hunter green to black.

After grabbing a few necessary supplies I told my daughter "Let's get to work!" I believe she thought I'd lost my mind.... "Vision! you must have vision! Trust me!" I say  LOL"
I asked her to tape two pieces of poster board together, then cut out a round, the same size as the table top.  She then tore grocery bags into small-ish size pieces, leaving the edges rough.  Next she crinkled up the pieces of paper, smoothed them back out, and attached them to the poster board using white craft glue. (Aren't her hands lovely?)

After letting it dry a few hours it was time to add some stain, and then finally polyurethane.

Finito! Ti amo mia cara figlia!


Terri said...

Love it!!!! looks leathery!!! Can't wait to the see the next project!!

Carolynn Stewart said...

:) Thanks! It was fun!