Friday, January 27, 2012

cookies.... say the word and sigh :)

Cookies.... I LOVE cookies, I adore cookies.  No cookie is safe left unattended in my presence.... did I mention I like cookies?! I decided today would be a good day to make cookies.  (Yay me!)  I grabbed my keys and headed to the store.  $36.60 later (wow) I head home pull back my hair, wash my hands and got in the "zone". 
First on the list: 
Chocolate Cherry Cookies :)
2 boxes Chocolate Fudge Cake mix
4 eggs
2/3 cup oil
1 bag chocolate cherry m & m's 
8 oz. bag chopped walnuts
1 cup dehydrated cherries
2 cups toasted coconut
cherry flavoring

 Mix first three ingredients until well blended, add remaining ingredients, bake at 350 degrees 13 min.

That was so good, I thought... "Why stop there!" 

Triple Chocolate Chip/Oatmeal/Walnut/Coconut Cookies!
Did I mention... I like cookies?


Terri said...

You Cookie Monster, you!!! Those look amazing!! I can almost taste those cherries!! Cherry M&Ms? Who knew? Not me! On the grocery list!

Carolynn Stewart said...

Thanks! :) Make sure you hurry! they're limited edition... same as the ones I sent you in your last box, just different packaging. I bought three of the last five that Walmart had... I am so proud of myself for leaving 2 bags for someone else ;) I've eaten WAY too many cookies today. I've given some away and "hidden" the rest in the freezer... Maybe I'll forget they're there!

Terri said...

I just opened a package from my mailbox!!!! OMG! Cookies!!!! I'm making some decaf coffee right now and I'm gonna settle in with the movie for awhile!! You are da bomb!!!!! Thank you!!!

Carolynn Stewart said...

:D I'm so glad you enjoyed them! Hope you like the movie!