Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where Past and Present Meet. I am Blessed!

I remember when I was a little girl I learned a valuable lesson.... Okay, I learned a lot more valuable lessons than this one, but this is the one that's close to my heart this day.  I learned NEVER let on I was sick, no matter how bad I felt, no matter how much my fever raged (yeah, that's a bit dramatic, but when you're little a fever, even a small one, always rages)... I learned early that there was a reward for patience. 
When Daddy walked in the door it was always a wonderful time. Daddy was a good man who loved his wife and children. He wasn't one of those men who dragged the world in the door with him. He was a man who walked in the door with a smile. Mama would greet him and give him a "sugar". He'd walk into the kitchen and put his lunch box on the kitchen table. He was home and that was a very good thing.  If I waited a bit he'd finish talking with Mama and he'd greet all five of us kids. Then he'd sit in his great big chair and one of us would come and take off his shoes while Mama brought him a cool drink.  Then it was my turn.  I'd climb into his lap and snuggle. Daddy would hug me and talk to me a bit, or sometimes just hug me while he visited with Mama.  It wouldn't take long before he'd stop talking and touch my forehead. "This girl's burning up!" he'd say. He'd hold me for awhile and I'd have his undivided attention. Soon I'd be tucked into bed and I'd hear the front door shut and the car drive off. Before long there'd be Daddy again, peeking around my bedroom door with a Dairy Queen chocolate mint and chip milkshake to take away some of the discomfort of being sick.
Now some people might read that and say I was manipulating my Dad. Perhaps. Some might say that it was all about the ice cream. And to that I'd have to say "Not at all!".  Daddy shared ice cream with us kids on a regular basis. It was a regular occurrence for Dad to get a taste for Ice cream and announce at a moment's notice a Thrifty's run.  We'd all pile into the station wagon and go to Thrifty's where Dad would buy each of us a scoop.  He'd even get one for the dog.  No, this wasn't about ice cream. This was about Daddy stopping his whole world to take the time to make sure I was comfortable and happy and to show me he was thinking about me and loved me. Oh how I miss you Daddy!!
Today my husband came home from work. He walked in the door with a smile and sat his thermos on the table.  I went over to him and greeted him and gave him a sugar. He greeted his daughter and his grand children, taking the time to notice each one, one by one, and then he looked at me a bit more closely.  Once everyone had left he announced to me. "You're not cooking tonight!" As tired as he was, he put me in the car and drove to my favorite in-town hamburger place. He pulled up at the window and ordered a double burger, looked at me and said "Do you want some onion rings?" I guess my eyes lit up because he never even waited for a response. "Add onion rings to that!" he told the voice on the loudspeaker. "Look at that!!" I said, pointing to the banner that advertised their chocolate cherry sweetheart milkshake. Hubby smiled and added that to the order. 
While I ate my gifts I noticed my energy coming back to me and cares that were making me tired begin to melt away. My husband and I visited and snuggled on the red chaise that he bought me recently. He looked at me and smiled and said "Do you know how nice it is to have a pretty wife to come home to and do nice things for?" I beamed at him and said, "If I'm pretty it's because I am so loved". And that I am.... LOVED!!! :)  Thank you Lord for this life you put me in. I love you and I love my life!

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