Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kissing my Diet Goodbye!

It's been a friend for a long time, a sort of love hate relationship for 24 years, and this relationship just ain't working! So I've decided to say good bye. 
FINALLY I've seen the light. Diets, at least for me, just don't work. I've watched other women my whole life go on diets. It was the pattern set before me and I adapted to it as soon as I looked in the mirror and saw 5 pounds on me that I didn't like. 24 years later and now when I look in the mirror I see 20 pounds on me that I don't like. Did I ever reach my goal weight?? Yeah, twice, for about 2 weeks. SO, if I've been dieting for 24 years, and if dieting works for me, then why am I now 20 pounds overweight? Shouldn't I have reached my goal by now? or at the very least be down to just fighting the original 5??? It FINALLY dawned on me. I've been torturing myself and depriving myself, and punishing myself for 24 years and it hasn't served me very well. No more diet, no more guilt. "Diet, I'm giving you notice, you're OUTTA HERE!!" I'm going back to the way I used to live before you came on the scene. I'm going to eat sensibly, I'm going to include excerise in my daily activities. I may gain a pound or two at Christmas eating those delicious cookies (aren't ALL cookies delicious?) But when life returns to normal so will my weight. I don't need you anymore.

Arrivederci, Baby!


Terri said...

You're no bigger than a minute already!!!

Carolynn Stewart said...

No bigger than a minute? Maybe in a time warp LOL. Seriously, your comment brings to mind reason #312 on why you're my friend. You're sweet! :)

Terri said...