Thursday, January 3, 2013

shamelss addict ;o/

There's no hiding it anymore, the word is out, I am a Vistaprint addict. I love to think of personalized gifts for my family and friends and have them show up at my door a week and a half later. I love to post God's word on shirts, and signs.
My daughter had this shirt made for me and it arrived today. :)  
     .... wait a minute. SHE had this vistaprinted for me..... perhaps, just perhaps it runs in the family ;o) ??? LOL
I placed my first order in May 7th 2012. Since then delivered to my door:

1 personalized poster
1 set envelope seals
1 pack of gift certificates
1 baseball cap
1 mouse pad
1 note book
1 set of flyers (25)
2 sets thank you cards
2 calendars
2 business card holders
2 set photo envelope seals
2 poster calendars
3 sets of note cards (10 ea.)
3 note pad
3 rubber address stamps
4 door signs for kids rooms
4 sets of business card magnets (25 ea.)
5 address labels
6 window decals
6 sets of invitations
7 sets of book plates
7 different sticky note pads
8 key chains
8 sets of letterhead (10 ea.)
9 bumper stickers
11 banners
11 car door magnets
11 scripture/lawn signs
16 sets of business cards (250 ea.)
17 pens
17 tote bags
31 mugs
35 shirts...
and a partridge in a pear tree...
BTW LOVE LOVE LOVE my shirt! :) 

Hubby just bought me an Epson label maker. He said he thought it might be a cheaper, more efficient way to "vistprint" at home ;)


Kara said...

They say that admittance is the first step to recovery! Lol :-)

Carolynn Stewart said...


Terri said...

LOL!! You've got it bad!!!!

Of course, there are also Pinterest Addicts and FB addicts and ... {clearing throat} cookie addicts!!

Carolynn Stewart said...

Cookie addict? Who ever heard of such a thing? LOL ;)