Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I've been awol for awhile, I've had a house full of little bodies that make a joyful noise and am enjoying every minute of it with them while they're here :)  Yesterdays agenda:
  • Woke up to hear them playing 
  • Fed them homemade cereal with homemade coconut milk 
  • Listened to happy voices all through breakfast
  • Watched/listened to all the kids running and playing in the back yard play area (swings, fort, sand, teeter totter)
  • Cleaned them up
  • Took them to Denny's where they could each pick a $2 entre and $2 dessert (I found a salad and a bowl of grapes for $2! skipped the dessert :)
  • Put the two littlest down for a nap in care of "Auntie". Big brother wanted to sit in a chair and watch the new puppies. The older two Grand Girls and I headed to the store and did some quick shopping for some special surprises.... (What little girl doesn't love getting all new underwear and socks?!)
  • Visited my son in law at his work and watched as the two girls beamed with pride at being able to visit their Hero :)
  • Went back home where the youngest pinched her finger in the potty chair... sat on it with her finger under the brim... whisked her up and tended her tears, and took her to the store to get the right size of her special surprise ;)  (Oops!)
  • Came back home, gave them bubble baths.
  •  Fixed dinner of home made BBQ beans. (They LOVED them)  awwwe (beaming with happiness at pleasing these wonderful babes)
  • Off to Doctrine's class at church.
  • Home again to pull all the mattresses into the living room and watch "Song of the South" as they fall asleep at Camp Pa-Poh & Grammy! 
I slept in today, they were up at the usual time even though they were awake so late. Breakfast has been served and consumed and I'm now listening to them play. I have a whole passel of pirates in the back yard! Have I told you lately that I LOVE my life!  Thank you Lord! I'll never understand how it is that you decided to bless me with the life I have, I don't deserve it, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Terri said...

Sounds like you're having a blast!!!!

Carolynn Stewart said...

Yeppers! :)