Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ask a 2-year old a question.

I love to ask the Grands a question, then just keep my mouth shut and hear their perspectives. God truly blesses us when we practice listening :) I wasn't there to hear this one, but last night 2 year old Emily was asked the names of her family members. They are as follows :)
  • Daddy
  • Mommy
  • Katherine's Rosie aka Katherine Rose
  • Willy Boy aka William Arthur
  • Julliana Grapes aka Julliana Grace
  • Lizzy Beth aka Elizabeth
  • Emma Diddles aka Emily Christine
  • Mackey Doh-Doh aka Makenna Elise
:) ahhh, life is good!


Talitha said...

That's so cute! Emma Diddles... that's what she called herself??? Is that an affectionate nickname for her from someone in the family, like Liz Bucket?

Terri said...

love it!!!

Carolynn Stewart said...

Yep, her Daddy gave her that name :) So cute! :D