Monday, December 10, 2012

Do ya s'pose I'm getting more forgetful???

So, I made this great big huge batch of my favorite cookies in order to have enough to share and enjoy... chocolate, cherry, coconut with cherry m&m's It's all baked, will not be baking any more of said flavor and I suddenly realized.... I forgot to put in the cherries!!! Are you kidding me?? That's almost as big of a crime as telling the wrong grand daughter happy birthday last Sunday... Yes, I actually did that :"> blushing Emily was quite pleased though and looked at me, gave me a big hug and beamed a thank you as if to say "Grammy, you are the ONLY one who remembered!! Thankfully I regained my senses before I gave the gift to the wrong child. Somehow I don't think Emi would really appreciate her own special mug with her sister's name on it, even if it were filled with chocolate! 
So..... now what do I do with 10 pounds of dehydrated cherries???? hmmmm salad??

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