Saturday, December 22, 2012

Da Bomb

I surprised my honey by taking him on a date. He had no clue where we were going. All he knew is I had promised to feed him, and feed him well. ;) Kiddo and I were watching a show on our Roku several months ago featuring the top 10 sandwiches in America. How fortunate we are to be not far from the home of the #1 sandwich! Meet Sasquatch!
 This sandwich is made with two grilled cheese sandwiches prepared with Texas toast and three slices of cheese. This isn't the sandwich mind you, it's just the bun! In between these two whoppin' grilled cheese sandwiches are your normal fixens, a half pound of house ground beef topped with 3 additional slices of cheese. plus 5 strips of bacon and a mound of freshly fried onion strips. The sandwich is so tall that no frilly toothpick is going to do you a bit of good holding it together. It comes with a steak knife plunged through the top of it. I have an exceedingly Happy Hubby right now :) !! I just love it when I get something this right :D

Want to go get one yourself? Here is the location, and here is a youtube video describing the place.

Happy Eating! 
btw I DID NOT eat one too, in case you're wondering! I had the spicy chicken wrap :)

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