Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Being a mother, Being a grandmother...

I LOVE being a mom. There is nothing so wonderful, so heart fulfilling as bringing life into this world, and being given the awesome privilege of guiding, loving, nurturing, teaching, and enjoying your babies as they grow; then watch them bloom as they live their own lives, making their own decisions, following their own paths, and blessing you with sharing their lives with you. Being a mother has such joy that words cannot express.

Being "Grammy" comes with a whole new set of joys, all the love, and only half the worries. (My grands have AWESOME parents. I get to worry much less, I am female however so I MUST worry some!) Instead of all that worrying I get that much more time lovin' on them. :D big grin  I remember one beautiful afternoon. My oldest daughter came over with her first (at that time only) child. Little Katherine was perched at a toddler size table and chair set in my living room eating pizza for lunch. As I watched in rapture at the joy of being with my daughter and her baby for the day my mind suddenly went back to when my daughter was her age. I said to her: "I know just what you're thinking. You're thinking...."I hope she eats all of her lunch. I hope she doesn't get pizza all over her dress and I hope she doesn't spill it all over Mom's white rug." My daughter laughed and said, "Yep! That's pretty much it!" I told her. "You know what I'm thinking?? I'm thinking "Isn't she SO CUTE"! LOL  Oh yes, being Grammy definitely has it's perks! I love my Kiddos, I love my Grands. I am blessed!!

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